Online shopping is nowadays one of the best ways to furnish your home. If you are new to buying furniture online in Columbus, Ohio - you probably know that there are only a couple of dedicated online stores selling the very best of home trends. Some of the basic questions when buying furniture online are:

  • How do you know that what you see is actually what you get?

  • How do you know that the piece will work in your home - when you haven’t had a chance to see it first?

  • How do you know the price is right for you - and you can’t find the same model at a cheaper price?

If you have ever asked yourself questions like these when buying furniture online in Ohio and Pittsburgh, PA - this post is for you. Our iStyle online furniture store has been getting more and more buyers - as well as more questions on these topics. Today, we are guiding you to the process of buying furniture from our site and listing the top tips for purchasing furniture online.

Measure Everything (And Do It More Than Once)

This is the first rule to know when buying furniture online - period. Measuring your space before you actually go and buy products is crucial when browsing online. Since you are unable to walk in a brick-and-mortar store and see how will the furniture fit in your space, you should measure and see the dimensions of the piece online. Luckily, at iStyle furniture, we list models with their dimensions. You will often see the length, width and depth of a specific item in the list of details. This is very important.

For example, buying a dining set with chairs is something that requires instant measurement. You want the best dining set for your needs, but aside from looks, you need something that will fit into your space. Our Dining Room store category lets you filter by brand, price and check the dimensions of each dining set or specific product.

Save Items In Your List

It is easy to get lost in the ocean of different models, furniture items and accessories. But instead of bookmarking every product as a link in your browser, why not create a wishlist for all the stuff that you have seen and like so far? This will make it easier to see the prices at a first glance, see which items are good - and see what can wait. At iStyle Furniture, we give you the option to SAVE each item and keep it in your wishlist.

Try To View The Real Thing

It’s true that product photos make things hard to judge. Even though we strive to put more and more product images about every single category, sometimes it is hard to see what the piece of furniture looks like. This is especially true when it comes to products from our Home Decor category. For instance, accent mirrors, sculptures and accent tables. Also, textures and colors may not look the same in real life as they do on photos. This is why we recommend viewing the real thing before buying, if possible. At iStyle, we invite everyone to come in and check our products before (or after) browsing them online!

Make Sure The Store Offers FREE Shipping

Free shipping is not anymore a privilege for the more popular stores - it is a common need that every buyer has. Let’s say you are buying a sofa. The entire point of buying furniture online in Ohio is to click a few clicks and have everything delivered to your door. If the store is not offering free shipping as a feature, you are definitely missing out on a lot. At iStyle, we are proud to offer FREE shipping on all online orders over $999. This price point is reasonable, especially if you are buying something like a sofa, a bed or other piece of furniture that may be difficult to carry yourself.

Always Shop At The Best Prices In The Region (Or Country)

Knowing that there are many online furniture stores in the US that sell pieces with big margins, it is easy to fall in the trap and become another customer who paid a lot more for a piece of furniture than it is actually advertised. At iStyle Furniture, we believe that every customer should find the place where they can shop furniture online at the lowest prices. In fact, iStyle Furniture was created because of that - to show you the best prices on any piece of furniture, regardless of its manufacturer. We can guarantee the best price on every item, unbeatable in the region or country. This is why our online furniture store has been welcoming buyers from Cleveland, OH but also regular buyers from Pittsburgh and other parts of Pennsylvania.

In the end, buying furniture online doesn’t have to feel like gambling. You only need to be smart about what you select and choose - and do not judge everything by the looks on the photos. By keeping the tips shared above in mind, your next furniture purchase will be smooth and easy. Now, time to head to our SALE section and see the lowest prices on furniture and home decor items!

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